Being a Guide

We'd love to have you join our M3+ Mentor network and partner with us to share your knowledge and experience to help grow other designers in the community.

We want to share a little bit about our format and intentions for our events to make sure you have the information you need.

Why M3+?

We understand that your time is valuable and limited. So, we sought ways to make building mentorship relationships easier and more impactful. 

We are here to help facilitate and foster those relationships by creating an opportunity to work together and connect organically--no strings attached. Our format is safe for anyone of any level to work on personal projects and goals.

We believe that everyone has valuable experience to share with others -and- everyone should have the opportunity to learn from others. So goes our Mutual Mentorship model. While we recognize the need to provide the opportunity to learn from leaders in the community, we also want to create an environment that lets the leaders learn and grow as well.

Tied to this effort is our intention to avoid falling into the traditional power dynamics between roles of mentor and mentee, so we call our mentors "Guides" and mentees/participants "Goal-Getters."

How does it work?

The typical format of the event will have a few minutes of networking and introductions, including further matching people into groups and identifying who’s working on what and what kind of help they need. Then, usually, 6:30 to 8:30 is dedicated “study hall” time.

Study Hall is the best way we found to describe that this time is very flexible to let it be what people need it to be. Generally, we'll plan to have a few different options to choose from. But within this, participants have the option to form a small group working on a similar goal (resume/portfolio etc.) or just work independently and reach out for help when needed. 

What will you do?

Your level of involvement is up to you! You can join as often as you want (monthly, quarterly, randomly). 

As a Guide, you can come to the events available to lead some of our groups or work one-on-one with some of the individuals. Or if you have any workshops or presentations you want to practice, we also want to provide the opportunity for you to participate and get feedback on some of your side projects or goals as well.  

Either way, our goal is to connect you with a group (or individuals) that can also grow you in the areas you desire. We want to empower you to guide as you see fit and to partner with you to provide any additional resources you might need. If you have any ideas we would love to discuss them! 

What's next?

In order to maximize the value of the matching, we'd like some information from you. 

Please take a few moments to complete our Mentor Registration Form.

Then, email us at so we go over any additional questions we might have and/or set a time to discuss your ideas. 

Additionally, we would love to announce your involvement in our social media posts and include you as a featured or guest mentor Guide on our page. Please send whatever bio information we can use. If you already have a prepackaged bio with a pic, you can send us that, or if it's easier, you can give us permission to just pull what we need from your LinkedIn profile as well.